January 12, 2013

The City of Brotherly Love welcomes its newest wedding chapel, The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. The grand opening will be Saturday, March 9, 2013.  The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel will perform ceremonies on-site in a beautifully decorated venue housed in a 150 year old converted warehouse located in the heart of the historical manufacturing district of Frankford. Amazing architectural design and details await you. It is THE most unique wedding chapel in Philly. Be one of the first 5 couple to reserve a wedding date and receive a special gift!


Outdoor Wedding Series

The entire month of February will focus on outdoor weddings.  Find helpful tips and things to consider when planning for this type of event.  Stay tuned. Check out our facebook page for a sneek peek!

To line up or not to line up…that is the question!

Many couples like to have receiving lines becsause they are worried they will not have an opportunity to say hello to all of their guests during the reception.  However, have they become a thing of the past?

There are a few major factors to consider when contemplating a receiving line.

1. Space.  Is there enough space to comfortably line up those “receiving” the guests and for the guests to walk through easily and swiftly. A receiving line inevitably always causes a traffic jam getting out of the ceremony site. Rarely do guests just give a quick hello and handshake.  Many times they want to stop, talk, hug and reminisce.

2. Number of Guests. How many people will actually pass throught the line? If you have less than 100 guests, it will probably be less of a problem than if you have 200 or 300 guests.

3. Time.  This is also directly related ot the number of guests.  The more guests you have the longer it will take.  It is also important to remember that the members of the bridal party greeting the guests must stand on their feet the entire time to do so.  Receiving lines can also delay the time alloted for picture taking.  Without a doubt, it could add 30-45 minutes to the exodus depending on the number of guests.

My suggestion is to skip the receiving line at the church or ceremony site and make every effort to greet the guests at their tables during the reception.  A well planned reception should allow for the bride and groom to work the room and get a chance to say hello to everyone over that 4 hour period.  If you absoultely must have a receiving line, consider all of the factors above and plan accordingly.

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Favors…waste of money or not?

Everybody has an opinion regarding wedding favors.  I am no different.  My position on favors is to bag ’em….trash bag ’em that is! I think it is a complete waste of money unless you choose them wisely.  Most favors end up exactly where they started… on a table somewhere.  Guests leave them behind 70% of the time wasting money that could have been used elsewhere. The idea of guests having a keepsake of your day is sweet but do they really care about having a momento of YOUR special day?  I think the answer may be no.  If you must get favors, choose something that your guest can use beyond your wedding day like a picture frame or a small trinket box or something edible. Or choose an item than can double as an escort card holder.  At least this way it serves a purpose and people are more likely to remember to take them at the end of the night after they bid farewell.

Hey Everybody!!

There are SOOO many topics to discuss surrounding wedding planning.  I will do my best to make each informative and useful! Stay tuned…

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