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Favors…waste of money or not?

Everybody has an opinion regarding wedding favors.  I am no different.  My position on favors is to bag ’em….trash bag ’em that is! I think it is a complete waste of money unless you choose them wisely.  Most favors end up exactly where they started… on a table somewhere.  Guests leave them behind 70% of the time wasting money that could have been used elsewhere. The idea of guests having a keepsake of your day is sweet but do they really care about having a momento of YOUR special day?  I think the answer may be no.  If you must get favors, choose something that your guest can use beyond your wedding day like a picture frame or a small trinket box or something edible. Or choose an item than can double as an escort card holder.  At least this way it serves a purpose and people are more likely to remember to take them at the end of the night after they bid farewell.

Hey Everybody!!

There are SOOO many topics to discuss surrounding wedding planning.  I will do my best to make each informative and useful! Stay tuned…

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